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Ornage App

Orange App

Digital diary on your fingertip

Orange App helps teachers save time, keep classes organised, and improve communication with students & Parent’s. It is available to anyone who want to use the service, a free suite of productivity tools including Lemon Erp.

Easy to set up - Teachers can add students directly using mobile no or share group/ personal individual. It takes just minutes to set up.

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Lemon Erp (beta ver.)

School Management System

Lemon Erp is the Cloud based School Management Software. It's advance software to manage School Online. Totaly Userfriendly with great look and responsive effects. We are working on this to make iot more better.

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Lemon Erp
Ornage App

App Availability

Supports Windows 10, Android, iOS, Blackberry.

Orange App is now for on every device runs Windows 10, Android (min 4.0), iOS. You can download directly from App Store of that device. We are adding new features time to time.


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